Devika, Ian and Aryan:

Good day Principal Jaqueline

I trust that you are well and have had a good start to the 2017 year.

I have been meaning to write this email for so long now and what better time than the present.

It was with extreme sadness that Aryan and I had to leave the Polly Shorts Family last year. Aryan was not the happiest at having to move from a place he came to know as his home away from home during the day. Mind you, he still asks he can come back to you.

As a parent the decision was made with a very heavy heart and one I wish I can reverse.

Polly Shorts was the haven that we sought and were welcomed into in 2015.

Aryan grew and blossomed into a real little livewire and a most astonishing brainiac.

This amazing transformation of a quiet , shy , scared little boy was brought to the surface by you and your holistically balanced team of teachers.

At Polly Shorts , Aryan was given the opportunity to learn to trust adults and children alike in a caring , nurturing , warm, all-accepting environment.

His transition into normal childhood and everyday school was apparent almost immediately.

This I owe to you Jaqueline and the amazing teachers you paired Aryan with .

We saw Aryan do and learn things so fast . Aryan grew extensively emotionally and academically.

Aryan brought home the most beautiful art at times. He learnt so much from the science club and it's

wonderful to see how it has benefitted him. It was the most gratifying feeling to us as parents to see the difference in our child.

Polly Shorts is a school that I commend and recommend very highly . The values , ethics and genuine concern for the children is clearly evident .

It is a dream to have a child wake up every morning and be excited to go to school . Surely you must be doing something right.

The Impak curriculam which Polly Shorts uses is of a very high standard and has definitely put Aryan at

an advantage this year.

Thank you Jaqueline and "Polly Shorts " for all that you have done and continue to do.

"Polly Shorts Academy is a school that has dedicated its time and resources to nurturing and building strong characters.

The children are nurtured in a holistic multicultural environment where tolerance and acceptance of each others differences is a way of life .

The love ,respect and understanding the children receive from the staff at Polly Shorts is evident in how the children interact with and treat one another.

The open-door policy , where parents and children alike can without hesitation address concerns, is always welcomed by the principal".


Thank you once again Principal Jaqueline .

We as a family miss Polly Shorts Academy.

Warmest Regards

Brian Bridle:

Dear Jaqueline, teachers and students, Luke misses Polly Shorts every day and just wants to know when he can come back and visit. Polly Shorts took a child that needed to be unschooled due to a bad experience and gave him a fantastic opportunity to grow and realize his potential. He grew in leadership, academically, in character and in creativity whilst at Polly Shorts. The loving and nurturing environment helped him grow in confidence. We will forever be grateful for all that the team at Polly Shorts did for Luke.

Kind regards,  





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