Polly Shorts Academy's approach is perseverance showcased by the teacher and taught to the learner, achieving educational excellance and reaching individual potential through creating a desired learning environment through:

  • Keeping the learner to teacher ratio at 12 : 1
  • Assess each child to understand their individual requirements.
  • CAPS Curriculum with learner support.
  • Interactive and one on one approach.
  • Individual assistance during lessons.
  • Assist Iearner to achieve improved results by building his/her self belief.


All our learners' health, wellness and belonging is of utmost importance. We strive to achieve this through:

  • Weekly spray Of a SABS approved, safe disinfectant process to help curb against cross infection caused by bacteria and viruses.
  • Development of children's physical fitness, promote healthy living and develop motor skills that are necessary for future scholastic achievement. For this we make use of Kwanda Kinetics' quailfied Kinderkineticists.
  • Polly Shorts Academy uniform which we are very proud of, this assists with the learners discipline and self respect required for performance excellence.
  • Drama lessons boosting self confidence and learner development.
  • Extra classes in Mathematics and reading through Stimulus Maksima.
  • Taking the learners on quarterly excursions to broaden their knowledge on historic, scientific, biological and geographical aspects. The little ones mostly learn about animals and their natural environment.
  • Taking the learners on team building camps and teach them survival skills and how to be good


  • Each class has a maximum Of 12 learners per class.
  • Assess each child and develop the child in accordance to his/her own needs. Continuously strive to improve our strategies of teaching.
  • Reward the Iearner for success either academically or emotionally.
  • Liaise with parents highlighting;
  • Child's requirements in additional assistance.
  • Advise on methods to support learning.
  • Additional therapy as necessary.
  • Remedial assistance through a ISEN class.